ICF for Architects & Designers

With few components and a modular structure, the IntegraSpec ICF system is extremely easy to work with. As an architect or designer, this gives you complete freedom of expression to create an innovative and attractive structure without many of the constraints of using more traditional building methods.

No other ICF system on the market has the ability to create curved edges and innovative freeform shapes as easily as IntegraSpec ICF.

Flexible and Scalable

The unique flexibility of the IntegraSpec ICF system means it can cope with any scale of structure, from bespoke domestic properties to larger commercial projects, including multi-storey schools, hotels and hospitals.

Variety of Finishes

The building’s exterior can be finished in a wide variety of cladding including stone, brick, rendering or even our unique ‘exposed concrete face’ option. In Colours and textures can also be used to create even more design impact.