Jonathan Ballantine

Jonathan Ballantine

Managing Director

Ballantine Building Solutions Technical aspect is headed up by Jonathan Ballantine, who has been building with ICF for over 15years in Northern Ireland. As a result, Jonathan has a very in-depth knowledge of both the technical expertise and practical experience of using ICF

Expert in ICF

Jonathan has built a reputation for being an expert in ICF systems within the UK and Ireland. He has good working relationships and connections across Europe and North America, which add to his knowledge pool within this sector.

Jonathan is passionate about construction. He is passionate about the benefits that building with ICF can bring to both the contractor/builder and the homeowner.

Knowledge Provider-Ballantine Building Solutions can provide training for building with ICF and have many options to pass on their knowledge to their customers

John Boyd

John Boyd

Commercial Director

Experienced in a wide range of disciplines having spent many years in senior management of a national FMCG Company

John is a businessman whose objective is to use his proven commercial leadership ability to add value to disruptive and forward-thinking organizations. He hugely enjoys re-engineering businesses and most recently, several UK businesses including start-up business and the UK based Charity/Mission to deliver outstanding results, he enjoys motivating and encouraging others through change and to be ultimately involved in a business that will make a difference

BALLANTINE BUILDING SOLUTIONS LTD has been delivering the best ICF experience possible since 2004. Our goal is to provide tremendous value for our customers and a superior customer experience.

OUR ENTIRE STAFF is passionate about exceeding your expectations. We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions

Ballantine Building Solutions was formed in 2004 by founder and MD Jonathan Ballantine Jonathan has been a builder for Integraspec ICF spending more than 17 years in ICF construction Ballantine Building Solutions became Uk and Ireland Sole Distributors of Integraspec in 2020 supply installing and distribution of residential and small commercial construction projects. Jonathan pioneered the use of ICFs and Integraspec ICF in Ireland and Uk.

Integraspec ICF forms were created to overcome many of the problems and costs encountered with other ICF forms. Extensive experience building custom homes and small commercial structures over the past 17 years combined with his involvement in ICF distribution and construction helped lay a solid foundation to create one of the most installer friendly ICF Distributors on the market today

With decades of experience and innovation in the insulating concrete formwork industry, IntegraSpec® continues its commitment to excellence by offering the most versatile ICF system to build exceptionally energy-efficient, sustainable, healthy and environmentally friendly structures.

IntegraSpec® was created with the input of structural engineers, computer assisted design and more than 75 years of field experience in the residential/commercial concrete forms and general construction industry.

IntegraSpec® is truly the toughest ICF in the industry today. The system was developed to address and eliminate the problems that most ICF systems encounter: blowouts, form unit flotation/lift, bulging, wall compression, slow pouring speed and wavy walls.

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